Range Animal Hospital LLC

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Frequently Asked Questions


Our Mission and Values: To provide high quality, compassionate veterinary care with respect and dignity towards people and animals. 

  1. What are the business hours?
    Monday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Fridays from 8:00 am until noon.
  2. Do you have a Code of Conduct?

    Yes. We will always treat you and your pet with respect and civility. You are expected to treat all staff, other clients and pets with respect and civility. Violation of this will result in dismissal from the premises and being ineligible for service.

  3. Do I need to have an appointment?
    We text or email appointment confirmations.
    1. For wellness/preventive care we advise booking in advance. Same-day appointments are typically not possible.
    2. If you are more than 10 minutes late you may need to reschedule so those who are on time do not wait.
    3. If you repeatedly do not show up for appointments, you will be asked to pre-pay for appointments or be ineligible for future service. Not showing up for your appointments deprives other pets of an available appointment.
  4. What forms of payment do you accept?
    Cash, Check, Mastercard, Discover and Visa, CareCredit
  5. Can I make payments?
    Full payment is required at the time of service. We are always happy to provide estimates.
  6. What vaccines do you require?
    All pets must be current on Rabies vaccination. If your pet is hospitalized and found to have fleas then parasite treatment will be done at cost to you. We recommend core vaccines and annual parasite screening and preventives.
  7. Do you accept pet insurance?
    Yes. Full payment for services is still required of you at the time of service. You would then file a claim with your provider and then be reimbursed by your provider based on coverage details.
  8. What should I do if I have a pet medical emergency?
    If your pet is ill, it is best to have an established veterinary relationship and to call early.
    During opening hours, we do our best to accommodate emergencies. At times we are above patient capacity or do not have an available doctor and are unable to take in more patients; we will then refer care to other area clinics or PAW Health Network in Kronenwetter, WI.
    During closed hours, we refer care to Blue Pearl Duluth, MN & PAW Health Network.
    These polices are in place to provide the best standard of care and safety for our pets and patients.
  9. At what age can I have my pet spayed or neutered?
    Spaying or neutering can be done at approximately 4 months of age or older. Your pet is given an exam prior to surgery to help determine whether your pet is healthy enough to undergo the procedure. A pre-anesthetic blood screen is done prior to undergoing anesthesia and surgery.
  10. Do you hospitalize pets?
    Patients whose medical conditions warrant hospitalization are hospitalized here or advised to transfer to an intensive care facility where 24-hour care can be provided. We do not have overnight staffing/patient care. For those pets spending the night here we do night rounds and morning rounds, however they are not supervised between 9 PM and 8 AM.
  11. Is it a good idea to let my pet have at least one litter?
    Spaying and neutering advantages include decreasing the chances of breast tumors later in life, decreasing the chance of cystic ovaries and uterine infections later in life, decreasing the desire to roam the neighborhood, decreasing the incidence of prostate cancer later in life, and helping to prevent spraying and marking.
  12. Do you board or quarantine pets?
  13. What are your kennels like?
    Our kennels are all indoor. In-hospital patients are walked/assessed at least 3 times daily or more frequently according to their medical needs. Cats are housed in a separate room away from the dogs. We disinfect and maintain clean facilities to reduce the risk of disease transmission.
  14. How do I get prescriptions or refills for medication?
    Please ask us, leave a voicemail, or email us. Patients must have a current veterinarian-client-patient relationship, which requires an annual exam, per federal and state requirements.